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's time in office, we are going to be looking at $26,000 in debt. thank you,mr. obama. >> the basic point is that the american people know that we have thave cutbacks in entitlement programs. lou: let's set aside the european tax rates. [talking over each other] lou: let me ask you this. if you don't think that the republicans experience anything, is there any way in which we can get to that point? >> welcome the republicans have to have a strong standpoint on wh they think needs to be done. what they are willing to vote for. so far we haven't seen that. >> president obama is responsible for the governme. what would you have him do? >> we need to have a strong proposal. >> there only for programs that count anymore. defense and social security and health care. lou: david weise, thank you so much for being with us. up next, a new york executive takes on the aw and an overbearing use of the newspape. we will be talking about the putnam county fiasco max. and arizona's tom horne with a plan to keep arizona kid ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one cu
have been kill sod far. most of them civilians. >> right. thank you very much for filling us in. >>> well, there are a few job openings expected in washington. it isn't just secretary of state and defense. president obama will also have a couple of other high-profile departures he will have is to deal with. we will tell you where the resumes are coming from. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ >>> president obama has arrived back from his winter vacation in hawaii today and he got right to work. the president signed a $9.7 billion superstorm sandy aid package that money provides money to help the government pay flood insurance claims a week from now, congress will weigh in on an additional $51 billion in sandy aid. >>> a source confirms to cnn the white house is calling seine is doors' offices today to tell them that chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary is im
in a couple of months. >> understood. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you. >> more about former senator hagel. as we were talking just now, he's a vietnam veteran, decorated two purple hearts. he's a member of the secretary of defense policy board and cochairs president obama intelligence advisory board. critics counter in 2007 then senator hagel backed withdrawing troops from iraq and opposed the troop surge and in 2006 critical of the influence of pro israeli lobbyist in washington, d.c. hagel supported die dialogue with iran and hamas. >>> a fox news alert and breaking developments out of syria and the president there, bashar al-assad, giving his first public address in more than six months. denouncing growing opposition against him and showing no signs of backing down. leland vitter is following this live from our middle east bureau. what else did we hear? >> essentially this is the same old from president assad. he acknowledged, we're at war. he also offered up this peace plan of sorts, some kind of negotiations with the cease-fire. essentially it's the same thing he's offered in t
a little less polarized than it has been in obama's first term. >> on that optimistic note, thank you, all. we look forward -- it's a good way to say happy 2013. we will be back. ...and down. just use your maxperks card and get a case of x-9 paper for only 1-cent after maxperks rewards. find thousands of big deals now... officemax. sfx- "sounds of african drum and flute" look who's back. again? it's embarrassing it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> now for our "what in the world" segment. the recent school shooting in connecticut looked like a tipping point in public consciousness. americans have been asking themselves tough questions. why does this happen so often and so
less polarized than it has been in obama's first term. >> on that optimistic note, thank you, all. good way to say it, happy 2013. >>> we will be back. him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief. >>> now for our "what in the world" segment. the recent school shooting in connecticut looked like a tipping point in public consciousness. americans have been asking themselves tough questions. why does this happen so often and so much more in america than in other countries? what does gun violence say about us as americans and what measures can we put in place to stop it? i saw a splar bout of of soul searching in india. across the country tens of thousands of people took to the streets to express outrage over the rape and death of one unnamed
going to the doctor for influenza type illnesses although last season was a mild flu season. >> thank you, molly. turning now to washington as we learn more about president obama's choice for the next defense secretary. fox news learned he could nominate senator chuck hagle for the post as early as monday. and of james rosen has more. >> good evening. white house sources cautioned no decision has yet been made on the top pentagon spot but cue democratic sources told us that chuck hagle, the two-term senator from nebraska is likely to be nominated earlier next week. he opposed the surge in iraq and toured the mideast with candidate obama in 2008. he's assured rough sledding in confirmation hearings. marco rubio said he may block the nomination unless hagle withdraws his opposition to the embargo against cuba. and his baching at the designation of hezbollah has a terrorist group. then there are the remarks he made to mideast diplomats. the jewish lobby in tim dates a lot of people up here on capitol hill, he told miller in a 2006 interview, adding i'm not an isreali senator, i'm a unite
, in fact, it would have gone a long way for the republicans if president obama, rather than taught them basically said, with he know how hard it is and thank you? >> i think it would have gone a long way, no the only for the republicans. i think it would have gone a long way for president obama. listen, deb, we are just at the beginning of this. we have four more long years. he has a legacy he wants to build. he is going to have to work with republicans. it works better when you try to invest in building relationships and you put some capital and time and resources, real resources, in viinvestigating a building relationships in congress. that's what bill clinton did. that's why he was able to get things done. that's why i hope president obama does in this second term. not only with republicans. he needs to build relationships with a lot of the democrat leaders in congress who complain bitterly and continuously. >> we have to wrap it up. let's just leave it at this. both sides have a lot of work to do to try to restore trust. i think that's what the american people probably are eager for
and rick and dustin and rick. i am john scott. thanks for watch we'll see you again next week. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert on one of the top national security jobs in the administration, fox news is learning that president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the announcement expected tomorrow. that setting up a contentious hearing in the u.s. senate. under scrutiny for both sides of the aisle with his positions on israel and iran. more in the developing newscast. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm surprised. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here, too. topping the news this hour, brand-new battle on congressional leaders take to the airwaves with different ideas thousand solve the massive debt crisis. our political panel has fair and balanced debate ahead. >> gregg: caught on tape, a massive brawl involving 200 teenagers and rather unfortunate shoppers and salespeople caught in the middle. >> jamie: plus disgraced cyclist lance armstrong our legal panel weighs if th
and irresponsible not to pay bills that are due. >> jamie: thanks, molly. >> gregg: president obama signing that $9.7 billion super storm sandy aid bill into law. it increases the federal emergency management agency's borrowing. fema had warned it would run out of funds if congress didn't step in to help soon. a larger and more comprehensive aid package still in the air. john boehner voting to on it next week. >> jamie: a rare public appearance of assad addressing torn nation. for first time in six months. leland vitter has more. >> this speech is a combination of the same old, same old, all the rebels are terrorists. we're going to continue to fight and win this war, but it also provided a little bit of diplomatic cover not only for the syrians but also for their allies so the russians can now say, look, assad offered a peace plan and rebels won't talk. they would call it optics and they are important here. assad trying to get control live on state tv. a reminder that a large number of syrians support him especially among the upper class. despite offers for negotiation he was clear he has no inten
bills. doug? >> molly henneberg, thank you, molly. >> insurance rates are going up for some patients despite president obama's new healthcare law. some health insurers raising premiums by more than 20% and the most vulnerable customers are small businesses and people who have to betheir own health insurance. federal regulators say the premiums would be even higher without the new law. >>> president obama could nominate chuck hagel for defense secretary as soon as tomorrow. if today's talk shows are any indication it is not coming without a fight. tom cotton says hagel's failure to back the iraq war is one of many issues he has with the possible nomination. >> add that to his dangerous views on terrorism and strange hostility towards israel i think the senate should oppose mr. haig. >> this is, again, the washington you view of things. chuck hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman, served incredibly in vietnam, sevenned this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. why all the prejudging i don't snow. >> fox sources say so far the president
. hope to see you here next week. >> it's 2:00 p.m. in the east. if you are just tuning in, thank you very much for joining us. >> these are the top stories we're following right now in the cnn news room. we've learned that president obama will nominate chuck hagel to be defense secretary. that will happen tomorrow. the former senator from nebraska is a vietnam war hero, he served on capitol hill for a decade. but his confirmation process won't be smooth sailing. hagel angered some lawmakers for supports talks with hamas. and supporting sanctions on iran. >> this is an controversial pick, he's an an ta tag nistic figure when it comes to iran. >> he would face tough questions about his opposition to the successful 2007 troop surge in iraq. >>> it's been two days since his plane vanished and the fate of vittorio missoni is still unknown. his priest plane left venezuela on friday, but never made it to caracas. so far, search crews have not spotted any signs of a crash. the missoni fashion house is known for its line of high-end knit wear. now to syria where president bashar al assad made
, senator hudson. so many issues. we hope you'll come back. thanks for joining us after your inaugural day. >>> president obama is back from his hawaiian vacation, touching down in the washington area about an hour ago. he has big plans this week, giving shape to his second term. sources tell cnn the president plans to announce tomorrow that he will nominate chuck hagel to be defense secretary. at the same time he is expected to reveal his nomination for cia director. also on the president's agenda, within the next ten days, we expect he will outline his proposals aimed at curbing gun violence. next up, tough words from egypt's leader about syrian president bashar al assad. we'll talk with wolf blitzer about his exclusive interview with president mohamed morsi. well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll let you know what you can expect that. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. back to you in just a bit. >>> as president obama returns to washington and to a new congress, some old familiar issues still have to be resolved. about an hour ago air force one landed at andrews air force base in maryland. the obamas returning from their rayian holiday which was interrupted by the fiscal cliff negotiations. president obama's weekly although address repeated that he will not negotiate raising the debt limit to raise bills congress has already racked up. you may recall last year that resulted in the nation's credit rating taking a dive. and the congressional debate over taxes versus spending is anything but over. >>> we are talking about looking at the tax code, putting everything on the table from the standpoint of closing loopholes. and we know that we can do that. special subsidies for big oil, for example, $38 billion right there. >> and meanwhile republican leaders coming off the fiscal cliff agreement feel the issue of taxation is now resolved and it's time to
. >> patrick griffin, thanks for waking up early and shedding light on this, we appreciate it. >> a pleasure, thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: coming up, justin bieber smoking pot? the proof in the pictures. >> then, remember what president obama promised that obamacare wouldn't drive up costs? why are the nation's top insurers doubling their rates? ♪ ♪ let's give thanks - for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it. >> good morning, everyone, sunday, january 6th. i'm alisyn camerota. . white house's plan for gun control, it's much broader than reinstating the a
, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. >> live from the news headquarters i'm shannon. fox news learns president obama could name former republican senator chuck hagle as his new secretary of defense as early as monday. but it is likely to face obstacles. he has angered others with his stands on israel and iran and gay rights don't like comments he made about a gay diplomat in the pass >> police aren't sure what touched off a deadly shooting rampage earlier today. this is a scene at the a townhome where the suspected gunman barricaded himself in aurora. a hostage negotiators was brought in. when it was over four people were dead, including the suspect. six months ago another gunman opened fire inside en aurora movie theater, killing dozens of people. now back to huckabee. >> in 1986 this woman was walking to work in new york. she passed an 11-year-old boy named maurice who said he was hungry and he asked her for money to buy food. she kept walking but then stopped and walked back to morris and offered to take him to mcdonalds for a burger. his
, thank you for your reporting from washington. these potential confirmation fights are just the tip of the iceberg for president obama. he's already getting ready for big battles over spending cuts, immigration and after newtown gun control. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of weekday "gma" and "this week." is chuck hagel likely to get the nod and if he does -- >> the president hasn't made a final decision as david recorded. democrats in the senate certainly believe this is coming. they've certainly been led to believe by the white house this is coming and kind of scratching their heads and can't figure out why. a lot of democrats have questions about chuck hagel on his support for israel and firm opposition for republicans. if the president goes forward, he is in for a real fight, likely to get him through but not going to be easy. >> a lot of big fights. this morning we're hearing they're gearing up to take over the nra over gun control in newtown. >> right now he has the public on his side but knows he has to move quickly. that's why vice president biden will report bac
of him with the lei on, that was a remarkable reproduction. david kerley, thank you for your reporting from washington. these potential confirmation fights are just the tip of the iceberg for president obama. he's already getting ready for big battles over spending cuts, immigration and after newtown, gun control. let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of weekday "gma" and abc's "this week." let's start with chuck hagel. is he likely to get the nod or if he does, can he make it through the confirmation? >> the president hasn't made a final decision, as david reported. democrats in the senate certainly believe this is coming. they've certainly been led to believe by the white house this is coming and kind of scratching their heads and can't figure out why. as david pointed out, a lot of democrats have questions about chuck hag ale on social issues like gay rights but his support for israel. and there's been some firm opposition for republicans. if the president goes forward, he is in for a real fight, likely to get him through but it's not going to be easy. >> he's had a lot of big
.s. senate majority leader. he was barack obama's special envoy for middle east peace until 2011. let's listen to that clip. pre-k's thank you. good evening. the debate on this subject tends to focus on the threat to israel from a nuclear armed iran. that is a concern that i share. i am sure it will be discussed this evening. there is another aspect of the subject that i think deserves discussion as well. that is the threat of the nuclear nonproliferation regime. stated more simply, the danger of the rapid spread of nuclear weapons to many countries. the united states led the world in a nuclear age. ever since, they have also led the effort to restrain the spread of these highly destructive weapons. with some success. in the half-century since the first atomic bomb was exploded over the desert in new mexico, nine countries have come to possess nuclear weapons. the number of countries with the capability to possess those weapons is many times more than nine. most countries which are voluntary -- voluntarily refrain from nuclear weapons, one of which is canada, have relied on the nuclea
's how the english adapt. >> even complaining to the point that our first lady michelle obama was begging and pleading to get advanced copies. >> i bet she did without illegally downloading it. >> i bet she did. she might have got hooked up with someone who sent that to her. dana kennedy, thanks so much. should we let everyone know i call you my queen? >> isn't it obvious? >> in keeping with the series here. thank you. >>> in their next hour, they can't get enough of the veep. we're going to tell you about the new push to get vice president biden a reality show of his very own. yeah, we're serious. oh this is soft. this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. ♪ charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. hope you saved some for me. mhmm! you and the kids. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [
will gather together shortly before 9:00 with the results of the second audience vote. thank you again for coming, it was a great debate. [applause] >> next, a discussion about the influence of the media. after that, the weekly addresses by president obama and michigan, x-men dave camp. -- michigan congressman dave camp. then the british arms export policy. tomorrow on "washington journal", discussion with john feehery and jim manley. then a look at the perks of congressional service with daniel shuman. and a discussion about president obama's foreign-policy agenda. "washington journal " live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> the big discussion that i remember was, what is richard nixon going to do? >> i remember going home that night, scared to death. this is like a time bomb. if this thing gets into the press, it is a disaster for all of us. >> he came to me and said, the presidents council has just brought me a list of 50 names of people. he wants a full field investigation. that is a very unpleasant thing to have happened to you. >> it was shortly after the farewell speech. i cannot remem
in for fredricka whitfield. thank you very much for joining us it is great to be with you. these are the top stories we are following now in the cnn newsroom. >>> cnn has learned that president obama has nominated chuck hagel to be defense secretary to the former senator from nebraska is a vietnam war hero and served on capitol hill more than a decade but his confirmation process won't be smooth sailing. athena jones is at the white house. and athena, hageling anered some lawmakers, especially because of the positions he has taken on middle east issues. what has he done that could cause challenges, say, for him here? were vernely has proven to be a controversial figure, even though's republican. you would think this would be a bipartisan choice that could maybe please both said by let's listen to what south carolina senator lindsey graham had to say this morning on "state of the union," touching on several of the problems he has with hagel. >> chuck hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards the state of israel in our nation's
. now, president obama on new year's eve, and on congress to avert the so-called fiscal cliff and middle-class tax hikes. [applause] >> happy new year to you. >> hello, everybody. thank you. everybody have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the white house. i realize that the last thing you want to hear on new year's eve is another speech from me. but i do need to talk about the progress being made in congress today. for the last few days, leaders of both parties are working toward an agreement that will prevent a middle-class tax hike from hitting 98% of all americans starting tomorrow. preventing that tax hike has been my top priority. the last thing that folks like the folks appear on this stage can afford right now is to pay an extra $2,000 in taxes next year. middle-class families cannot afford it, businesses cannot afford it, our economy cannot afford it. today, it appears an agreement to prevent this new year's tax hike is within sight. but it is not done. there are still issues left to resolve but we are hopeful that congress can get it done. it is not done. part of th
obama has left office. joining our discussion is someone who knows how to build the party. he spent his tenure doing that. joining me was the governor of vermont, howard dean. nice to have you. >> thanks for having me on. and thanks for karen for beating me over the head until i did get on. >> she is a friend of nerdland, there's no doubt about that. >> that's right. >> i want to talk about the 50 state strategy, the piece that came along with your tenure of leadership. also, you got a lot of pushback from within the party saying we have to take this thing national. >> yeah. well, look, the washington party rarely gets what's going on elsewhere. washington is disconnected from the rest of the country. they are smart, hard working people. it's one of the reasons president obama ran his campaign from chicago. you just don't get what goes on in the rest of the country when you are in washington. it's not surprising they want to do things it old fashioned way. to build a party, tough be everywhere. one of the reasons we got clobbered in legislature is because our party's have gotten weak. t
the program ends in about 25 minutes. mary in oakland, california, thanks for holding. you're on with donald barlett and james steele on booktv. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. the african-american community is really conflicted as to what president obama has done to address our economic concerns, and i see your book "time on the cross." does this book give any basis as to why, um, african-americans seem to do the worst during times of economic distress? >> host: mary, i don't think they wrote a week called -- a book called "time on the cross." >> guest: no, this was on the list -- >> host: oh, i apologize, mary. was this your list? >> guest: yeah. >> host: okay. >> guest: i'll explain this. this was a book done by -- let's go back. literature is filled with references to lawyers. let's, you know, let's kill all the lawyers, you know, from shakespeare forward. h.l. mencken, you name it. everybody wants to do in the lawyers, and i'm sympathetic to that. there's some merit there. but the one at the top of my list is not lawyers, it's economists who i think have done more harm to this
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